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Our Brotherhood


Lifelong Friendships

Professionalism aside, one of the largest benefits that PSE Delta Rho provides its brothers is life long friendships. From hiking trips to lunch dates, its hard to resist the fun of hanging out with your brothers. Some of our brotherhood’s greatest memories arise from spending quality time with each other. Specific activities held throughout the year like game nights, big/little events, intramural sports teams, study groups, proceeds nights, outdoor activities and more help to keep our brotherhood as bonded as we always have been. Each potential member class also bonds with active brothers as a way to intimately get to know each and every member of the Delta Rho chapter.

Intramural Sports

Intramurals have always been a prideful aspect of our brotherhood. Our motivated and highly competitive brothers make for amazing intramural teams! Lead by a brother nominated head coach every year, we participate in sports of all kinds including sand volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball, dodgeball and football. Our brothers make sure we put in work to keep our PSE intramural name the best it can be. Intramurals are an amazing way for our brotherhood to stay active, make memories and keep up our winning attitudes and traditions!


Professional Opportunities

On a regular basis, the Delta Rho chapter holds events to grow ourselves professionally. Speaker events are one of our most popular events, where a professor, recruiter, or representative from a company comes to, share inspirational stories, leadership advice, company profiles, as well as job and internship opportunities. These events provide us with examples of how to conduct ourselves in the business world, all the while expanding our networks even further. Additionally, networking opportunities are one of the many benefits that PSE offers to all brothers. Brothers are given the chance to network with alumni  valued companies to expand their professional connections, and grow life long connections with each other. Reaching out to successful alumni is a great way for our brothers to become successful themselves!


One of our brotherhood's favorite traditions is enjoying a fun weekend in Myrtle Beach for our annual Spring Formal. This trip is a great weekend for our brotherhood to travel together. We love playing football on the beach, enjoying live music, and trying out the restaurants Myrtle has to offer! In the beginning of the school year, we look forward to our annual Fall Semi-Formal. This is a great night to dress up and enjoy a night in Harrisonburg with our brothers!

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Twice a year, our brotherhood visits Switzer Lake, West Virginia to enjoy a night of camping! We really enjoy this time we get to spend in nature with the whole brotherhood, away from the stress of school! Our favorite camping activities are throwing the football, cooking hotdogs and hamburgers, and telling stories by the fire! Camping has become many of our brothers' favorite memories, and a tradition we look forward to every semester!

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